This is a personal blog about the items I create and a look into my new life journey; as I restart it with my husband and children!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


So, I have been looking around for awhile now, and noticing that not many people are linking to each other or just is the fact that maybe no one wants to upscale from anyone or steal their business?

But I am still interested in looking to link with other people who are interested in the items I make and sell as well as people who make creative stuff as well. I am alaways searching the web for neat things that people make. Everyone is so talented!

Way to go WAHMs and WAHDs !!!
If you want to link to me just email me:

Friday, June 5, 2009

Some new items

Doll Diapers, for those us whos children steal theirs !

Market Bags for being eco friendly

Cloth Mama Pads or Menstral Pads whichever you prefer.
All can be viewed and boughten on my website or etsy page.

New Again ...

Well, I am back, went away for a bit but now I am new again! I have now had my third and final baby. And am setting up shop in etsy. Most of my products are there, but I also have a web page where you can view all my items as well as full explanations of what I make and sell.


Come and view them check out my links page for all The Creative Mommy groups to join!

Ask me about anything custom made! I do it all not just cloth diapers anymore! But still specializing in them.