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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Life is Crazy

Ok so just a short blog today.  Life is crazy!

~ Little girls short hair!
~ P last minute, grrr ...
~ School reading, no so fun.
~ Fighting / Arguing with MAN
~ Friends KOOL
~ Kids crazy / nonsence / blowing my mind / why oh why / &
~ Need a minute to myself !!!!!

Thank you for letting me unwind !

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hi All

Hi All,

So lately I have been very busy with my life and figuring out all this school stuff that I have not been taking care of my blog and website.  Well here it is I am only doing a blog for now on, sorry everyone it is just much eaiser for more to look after one thing instead of trying to conduct several things at once!  So to add to this I have also gotton rid of my personal blog and added it to my business blog.  As now my business is kinda going down the drain to all of the articles in my life!  So I am just letting everything flow as it is, and what happens happens.  I will still post items to Etsy for extra cash on the side.  And also if you are requesting custom items feel free to ask and I can try to accomidate what you are looking for :)

Bye for now ALL.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Custom Hoodies for All !

Need that perfect hoodie for you or your little one? Want a sweater that no one else will have? Want it so custom that you need to have that special effect put on it. . . Well I am your perfect choice for your custom hoodie!

Available in all Sizes

0 - 18 months $35.00
2T - 6 yrs $45.00
7 yrs - 14 yrs $65.00
Adults xs - xL $75.00

$1.00 - $8.00 each
Embroidery Design available

Fabric Info

Water-proof Barriers

Polyurethane Laminate fabric is a film that has been pressed and attached to a piece of fabric, to make it water proof. You can pick the different choices of fabrics; printed, or solids. It is many used for cloth diapers and diaper covers, but can also be used for protective bed sheets, and bibs.

This is a fabric that is made specially for cloth diapers, and hospital uses. It is 100% dryer safe. It is a bit thicker then PUL, but just as moveable! Please feel free to read more about this product.
Absorbent Layer

This is an absorbent fabric used for soaker pads, and inserts for diapers. It is only meant to be used on the inside of two fabrics. Do not allow this to touch babies skin. It will sometimes usually give baby a rash.

Zorb is an absorbent fabric 10X more absorbent than cotton alone! It comes white or clue in colour, and mainly used for inners of diapers, mam products, and more. Not good to use against skin, and it is not organic. But it is still good for using when absorbency is needed.
Outer Layer

Minky / Chenille
These two fabrics are very soft and super great for inner or outer of diapers. Although not all minkee fabric is great for inners, some of the different styles are very thick and therefor are not good for inners. But although they are super soft for inners, they do not wick as well as some other fabrics. But they do pull the wetness away from baby and NO NOT STAIN! Also if you have this fabric for an outer it will not absorb any of the wetness like a flannel or cotton fabric would. Makes for a longer lasting diaper.

Great prints for the outers of diapers, but not an inner diaper choice! It is best to use high quality quilting prints. The only downfall to using these as an outer of diapers, as it does pull the wetness from the inside of diapers. Unless you have a great wicking fabric on the inside, then you are set.

Although microfleece is very similar to microfiber, it can be used against babies skin. But it is not absorbent! This is a fabric that is better for inners of diapers, it is very good for wicking.
Inner Layers

Minky / Chenille
These two fabrics are very soft and super great for inner or outer of diapers. Although not all minkee fabric is great for inners, some of the different styles are very thick and therefor are not good for inners. But although they are super soft for inners, they do not wick as well as some other fabrics. But they do pull the wetness away from baby and DO NOT STAIN! Also if you have this fabric for an outer it will not absorb any of the wetness like a flannel or cotton fabric would. Makes for a longer lasting diaper.

Flannel is not good as an outer fabric, but as a inner for a diaper it is super soft and absorbent. Great for when choosing contours, or fitteds. But most of all great for wipes!

Bamboo Velour
This is a great wicking fabric, it is meant to keep baby dry, and pull the moisture away from the baby, and into the soaker pad. Great for all types of diapers. But more expensive

Questions and Answers

Q: What is an applique?
A: An appliquation is a fabric design that is first cut, then ironed on to a piece of fabric, and then sewn to make sure there is no freeing. It can be any design that you are interested in, and also be made in different sizes. Such items can be made as in shapes, pictures, letters, numbers, etc.
Q: What is PUL? What is V-lite?
A: PUL is a short form for polurethane laminated fabric. It is on the under side of a piece of fabric that makes it water proof. Another fabric that I use that is similar to PUL is v-lite. V-lite is a fabric made specially to make diapers, diaper covers, and crib mattresses. It is a thicker fabric then PUL and is made to endour high heat temperatures like the dryer. Whereas PUL is not suitable for the dryer.
Q: How many cloth diapers do I need?
A: To choose the amount of diapers you need, it all depends on how old your child is, and how mnay times you would like to do laundry. But for a few facts on diapering different age groups. Here is a little hint. On a daily basis an average New born will go threw as many as 10 diapers per day. Not including night time use. So if you would do laundry every three days, a good amount of diapers would include around 25 - 30 diapers. If you have an infant (3-9months) or a toddler (10 - 15 months), a good amount of diapers is 15 - 25. The less you have the more you have to do laundry. And for a pre-schooler (18 months- 3years) a good amount for those who are learning to potty train are 10 - 20 diapers.
Q: What is the difference between enclosures?
A: I have three different kinds of enclosures for my diapers. There is snaps and aplix.

Snaps - Easy to use and are great, most children cannot get them off, and come in various colours to match your diapers. These diapers will not stick together in the was as aplix diapers would. So no freying and no diaper train.

Aplix - Easy easy to use, getting on and off your child. Come in various colours, but not always to accessable to get them in them. But the down fall to these diapers is even though you have laundry tabs on them, they will still stick together in the wash. And this makes for one big diaper train of mess. And also when children get older they tend to take them off easier too.
Q: What is wicking?
A: This is a term used when the fabric of the inside of the diaper pulls the wetness away from the babies skin.

Diaper Sizes:

Front Enclosure Diapers

New Born
Waiste 11" - 14"
Rise 10" - 13"
3 pds - 13 pds

Waiste 12" - 17"
Rise 11" - 15"
8 pds - 15 pds

Waiste 16" - 20"
Rise 15" - 18"
15 pds - 25 pds

Waiste 17" - 23"
Rise 16" - 20"
25 pds - 35 pds

X- Large
Waiste 18" - 26"
Rise 17" - 22"
35 pds - 45 pds

Side Snapping Diapers & Front or side Covers

New Born
Waiste 10" - 14"
Rise 12" - 14"
0 - 10 pounds

Waiste 12.5" - 15"
Rise 13" - 15"
8 pds - 18 pds

Waiste 15.5" - 19"
Rise 15" - 18"
18 pds - 28

Waiste 17" - 21"
Rise 16" - 20"
28 - 38 pounds

Waiste 12" - 26"
Rise 12" - 18"
8 pds - 45 pds

Diaper Styles:

All In One's (AIOs):
My AIO's are made with one outer layer of a printed or solid fabric, with a inner layer of v-lite. The next layer is of a 4 layer soaker pad made with layers of microfiber or zorb. Against babies skin is a wicking fabric of bamboo velour lining. And then the soaker pad is sewn in against the layer of wickable fabric. You can have either snaps or aplix(velcro) for the enclosure. If you choose aplix you will recieve laundry tabs with no extra charge! And there are gussest on either sides of leg, the back and front. Choose from either front enclosure, or side enclosure style!

All In One Pockets:
My AIO pockets are just like a regular pocket diaper, but have a sewn in soaker pad (made up of two layers; zorb or microfiber and bamboo). Depending on the insert you choose for your diaper it can have 3 - 6 layers of fabric! There is one outer layer of the choice of fabric you choose and a hidden inner layer of v lite. It can either be enclosed with snaps, or aplix closures. If you choose aplix you will recieve laundry tabs at no extra charge! And there are gussest on either sides of leg and in the back. Choose from either front enclosure, or side enclosure style!

Pocket diapers are made with a opening in the middle of your diaper where you can place an insert into for its absorbency. Depending on the insert you choose for your diaper it can have 3 - 6 layers of fabric! There is a wickable fabric agaisnt babies skin. Also with these diapers you can choose from snaps or aplix enclosure. If you choose aplix you will recieve laundry tabs with no extra charge! And there are gussest on either sides of leg and in the back. Choose from either front enclosure, or side enclosure style!

A fitted is a diaper that is made to fit all the curves of your baby. It is made to be the same absobency as a contour(but has enclosures and has flaps to hold in place). By the way it fits all the areas of your baby like a regular diaper but without the water-resistant fabric inner. There are sewn in gussest's around the inners of legs, and the back, so there is no messes and leaks! All fitteds are made with one outter layer of fabric (solid or print), a four layer soaker pad(sewn in), and one inner layer of fabric of your choice against babies skin. You have your choice of enclosure; snap or aplix (velcro). If you choose aplix you will recieve laundry tabs with no extra charge! Choose from either front enclosure, or side enclosure style!

Regular Covers:
PUL covers are great for day, night, and everytime in between. These are made with one layer print or solid fabric outside, with either snaps or aplix. If you choose aplix you will recieve them with laundry tabs at no extra charge. All come with gussets so no leaks or messes. Elastic in front and back for better support. Come in either front or side enclosures.

Specialty Covers
Not only for people who love animals either! They can also come as skirts, animal faces or bodies. Example: A set of butterfly wings, animal faces, kittens ears, and tail, etc. Lots of different fun items to choose from. And also can be made with snaps or aplix fronts, you choose. If you choose aplix you will recieve laundry tabs at no extra charge. These covers are not only great just to be fun, but you can also use them for photo shoots too! Choose from either side or front enclosures.

Cloth Diaper Facts:

~ Did you know that there are over 50,000 diapers per day(in the entire world) that end up in our landfills! And that they can take over 500 years or more to become composted.

~ Each regular diaper is make with a certain chemical that they recalled from using in tampons that was giving women cancer!
~ Did you know that by the time your child is out of diapers, you would of spent around $2,850.oo the entire time they are in diapers. This is including pull-ups and wipes. For only one child.
~ It is not good to use any bleech, vinegar, or fabric softener when washing your cloth diapers. It will eat away the fabric and make them less absorbent and make holes in the fabric.
~ It is not good to use baby ointment when using cloth diapers. It is best to only use non-chemically treated products, or use all natural products. Most are safe, but to make sure your diaper stays safe, always use a liner!
~ Not only will you be saving money, but also the environment. With every 1 baby using cloth diapers there is one less garbage bag per family going into our landfills.
~ Cloth diapers do not have to be expensive! You can save by buying used or by buying one size instead of using sized diapers!
~ All regular paper diapers are mostly made out of plastic.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blog Post

Butterfly Fluttered in...

Ok so I recieved this beautifully wrapped beautifully sewn pink and white butterfly in the mail today! Super cute and super awesome, that both of my girls couldn't stop playing with that they even kept sharing it without me telling them too! It was so cute I wish I could have gotten it on camera.

Also love how you added in the extra little circles with fun soft fabric and made sure that no edges would frey! Great detail and attention to your craft-'women'ship! Loads of different sensory feels for the kiddies, soft, silky, rough, and added ribbons for teethers!

Here are a few pics of the girls sharing and playing with the white and Pink Buttfly from OhNelly.

***Yeah it finally came in, althou it wasn't the sellers fault for delivery time! Never be discouraged by the time an item comes in!!! It is never the sellers fault. Unless they forget to ship! Then it is there fault, :)

Feel free to check out her shop with all her beautiful items for sale!

My New ssecret weapon!

So I recently looked into new drinks for me to start drinking, NOT that kind of drinking. I know I have three kids but come on! LOL I recently found out that 'green tea' has only 2 calories per 8oz !!! WOW what a drink. This fill definitly help me into a new pair of jeans by the summer.

~Oh I also forgot to mention that I am joining a kick boxing clas starting Thrusday!!! Can't wait.

So yes finally the whole world can know, here is my weight, not afraid to tell and not afraid to let everyone know.

Here it is .... 189pds at 23 and 5'2" .

What I want to be ADVENTUALLY 117pds by 25? I think that sounds like a good time period. I am almost 24 right now only a few months to go. So I have 14 months to go, and here we go.

New Kick boxing class!

So I started this new kickboxing class, I go every Thrusday night 6-7. So I thought that it was going to kick my A$$ but it sure didn't. I guess I wil just have to work harder. And I am still working on my at home classes from Free on Demand workout videos. I NEED to workout HARDER. Any ideas let me know!

Maybe I just need to join a gym! That way I can get way more cardio in, sounds like a good plan to me.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cloth Diaper Review

A cloth diaper review from a very busy mama, who has a cloth diaper review for everyday of this month!  Here is the link to view the review of the diaper I  had sent her.

Below are a few words from her of how much she and her little one liked it.

"I was impressed by how slim the fit was and that it didn't bulge anywhere on Little L. This isn't usually the case with a diaper that includes an insert. I was a little worried about the looseness around his thighs but luckily there weren't any leakage accidents. I would definitely recommend this diaper to someone new or unsure of cloth diapering." - LuvsJurn3

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Posh baby slippers

So I was very bored the other day and got to sewing and creating with the larger scraps of material I had, and came up with these cute baby slippers, look a little posh.  Definitly not for outside use due to cotton bottoms.  But would make for great slippers.  Maybe a new addition to my store?  I will definitly have to work on them a bit.  Coming out a little bigger than the other and a little wider than the other.  But for my first attempt not bad! :)

I know, I know the picture quality sucks.  I did them at night and for some reason I still have to figure out how to use it at night, hahaha.   Oh well I will definitly add pictures when Lawna gets bigger and they will actually fit her.  Or I could just make smaller pair ?  Oh well I will get usded to these and make more.

Monday, February 8, 2010


This months winner is  'lovemylevi'  gongradulations to you!  Thank you to all of those who entered!  Feel free to enter next month for our giveaway!

Friday, February 5, 2010

First Free Monthly Giveaway

Welcome all to particpate in my once a month free first Friday of the month giveaway.  There will be a few options to particapte, but all with be and must be commented on the botton of this post.  So whenever you enter, you must write a comment about which you have done.

This first giveaway will be a package of neutral items.  It will be a surprise and will be good for both girls and boys, so need to worry!  You will recieve a package worth up to $30.00 worth of free stuff.

Here are the ways to enter:

1: MUST - become a follower or let me know that you are a follower.
2: MUST - comment after each enter you choose to do. 
3: Heart me on ETSY - remember to comment about it back here or your entry will not count!
4: Become a fan on Facebook !
5: Kijiji me - post & comment about the link that you found after this post.
6: Email me - Let me know you are entering for this free draw.
7: HAVE FUN WITH IT - blog about me or write a little phrase on your website. 

Remember this draw will end Monday morning at 9:00am and the winner will be notified at lunch.  All listings for are available here on my blog and you can find them all threw google if needed.  You wll be notified by email so remember to make sure that your email is correct or you will not win!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Giving hope to girls around the world

Recently I was going threw some items that have been sitting around here for awhile.  And so I was going to post them on etsy at a very cheap cost, so I kept them aside to take better pictures of them.  Well things got around and I kept forgetting to take pictures and life got in the way like it usually does.

   So the one day I was going threw some emails on yahoo and came across this one particular post.  Give hope to Haiti by making pillowcase dresses.  Well wouldn't you know it must have been fate!  I have one sitting around here needing to be sold.  Well istead of selling it, I think and feel it was better to donate it to Dress a Girl Around the World.  They donate pillowcase dresses and britches for boys to little children all around the world who need them.  And right now they are focusing more on the pillowcase dresses for the girls. 

   I sent out my little donation of a dress and can't wait to hear some great feedback.  I will definitly be donating more in the future!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fun New Toy !!!

Ok so here they are the Fun N Funky Wierd Teether Toys!  I will be adding more shortly here are a few just so you can see and purchase from my etsy site.

These toys are great for all ages from new born to toddlers.  Each will be a little different then the next and will come in all shapes and sizes.  Some will even have some added rings for optmum teething pleasure.  And all will have a knot too.  You can place each knot in freezer for soothing soar gums! 
Would you like your own Fun N Funky Wierd Teether Tug Toy?  Just email me and I can make you a custom one for the same price.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Not just Diapers anymore

So I have now been looking around my sewing room and realizing that I have more then what I need laying around in boxes, shoe boxes and folders.  So what I have figure out is that I am not just doing to do cloth diapers anymore althou I was getting WAY more business when I was doing just diaps.  But I have so much more in me that I want to make that I am going to do all the things I love to make!

Here are just a few things I added to the list:

~ air fresheners for cars and dressers
~ car stering wheel covers
~ minkee blankets
~ Fun N Funky Teether Knot Toys

And here are some things I will be adding shortly:

~ heat bags
~ aroma therapy heat bags
~ cold and hot bags

I will be adding these items shortly when I sell a few more items on etsy.  That way I can make more room in my store.  I don't want to have too many items then everyone might get bored of looking too much.  No offence to all my friends but I hate having to look threw 100's of items just to find something I like.  When I only notice one or two things.  But you know you want to look more just incase, but then that boredom sets in , and blah blah blah.

So I hope you will all look forward to see all my new items.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Free Friday Giveaway

Once again here it is . . . FREE Friday give away and this time the new item is ....

Scooby Doo soaker for a cloth diaper.  Great for an extra pad of absorbency!
Three layers of nice soft fabric but super great for a little something extra.

Remember the more ways you post / link / comment the more your name goes in!

So . . .
1 - Kijiji it
2 - blog about it
3 - Post a comment on a blog
4 - email me
5 - Convo me on etsy.
6 - follow my blog
7 - become a fan on facebook
8 - become a fan of mine on etsy.

Either way just let me know and you are entered!

Give away ends on Friday January 15 / 2010 at 9:00pm and the winner will be announced after 9:30 later that night.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Blog review

I was just informed today that one of my items reached a bloggers house!  So excited, can't wait for the review.  Hope all goes well and I will definitly be back to tell you more about it and to post the link!

**Fingers Crossed **

Friday, January 8, 2010

Off the ball today !

Ok so today was supposed to be my weekly friday giveaway!  I am so sorry to all!  Today and the whole week I have been very sick.  And now my son is getting sick, so I have been trying to get him well and run around everywhere.  I will make a promise to all that next weeks Friday giveaway will be better than ever.  So sorry to all, but now I must go and rest.

Monday, January 4, 2010

new blog look!

Ok so I have been searching and searching for a blog template and cannot find one that I like.  I have been trying to find a person who wanted to do a trade, but at-las no one came forward to help.  Until I was found by this lovely women (Jen) who is charging a great price for me.  And I will see my new blog template within the week.  So I am very excited!  And hope you all are too.  Hoping all will go well and that I will look for professional.  Maybe it will help draw in some more buiness.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Free Friday Give Away Winner is . . .

Robyn!!!   Congrats on the win.  Please contact me with your address info, and I will send out your ribbon buddie asap!  Come on back next week for a new free give away.