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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Giving hope to girls around the world

Recently I was going threw some items that have been sitting around here for awhile.  And so I was going to post them on etsy at a very cheap cost, so I kept them aside to take better pictures of them.  Well things got around and I kept forgetting to take pictures and life got in the way like it usually does.

   So the one day I was going threw some emails on yahoo and came across this one particular post.  Give hope to Haiti by making pillowcase dresses.  Well wouldn't you know it must have been fate!  I have one sitting around here needing to be sold.  Well istead of selling it, I think and feel it was better to donate it to Dress a Girl Around the World.  They donate pillowcase dresses and britches for boys to little children all around the world who need them.  And right now they are focusing more on the pillowcase dresses for the girls. 

   I sent out my little donation of a dress and can't wait to hear some great feedback.  I will definitly be donating more in the future!

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