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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hi All

Hi All,

So lately I have been very busy with my life and figuring out all this school stuff that I have not been taking care of my blog and website.  Well here it is I am only doing a blog for now on, sorry everyone it is just much eaiser for more to look after one thing instead of trying to conduct several things at once!  So to add to this I have also gotton rid of my personal blog and added it to my business blog.  As now my business is kinda going down the drain to all of the articles in my life!  So I am just letting everything flow as it is, and what happens happens.  I will still post items to Etsy for extra cash on the side.  And also if you are requesting custom items feel free to ask and I can try to accomidate what you are looking for :)

Bye for now ALL.

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