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Sunday, February 21, 2010

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Butterfly Fluttered in...

Ok so I recieved this beautifully wrapped beautifully sewn pink and white butterfly in the mail today! Super cute and super awesome, that both of my girls couldn't stop playing with that they even kept sharing it without me telling them too! It was so cute I wish I could have gotten it on camera.

Also love how you added in the extra little circles with fun soft fabric and made sure that no edges would frey! Great detail and attention to your craft-'women'ship! Loads of different sensory feels for the kiddies, soft, silky, rough, and added ribbons for teethers!

Here are a few pics of the girls sharing and playing with the white and Pink Buttfly from OhNelly.

***Yeah it finally came in, althou it wasn't the sellers fault for delivery time! Never be discouraged by the time an item comes in!!! It is never the sellers fault. Unless they forget to ship! Then it is there fault, :)

Feel free to check out her shop with all her beautiful items for sale!

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