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Friday, August 29, 2008


I have been confronted by a couple of employers/retailers who would like to sale my products wholesale. Not sure of all the terms and conditions of these but I do know some factors. Lower cost rate as well as MOQ. I feel I can do and am ready to do this, but have some concerns. But I guess everyone who starts out wholesaling has these "butterflies" as well. I guess I will have to look into it a bit more if I will consider going wholesale. Well any info will do, not sure about how I am going to continue with this. I will update later.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

All kinds of crazy diapers I've made.

Diapers I have made in the past... All kinds just wanted to share some of my crazy designs.
This is an AI2 Diaper size small, with a sewn in front soaker.
This is a diaper cover small. I call it "Jaguar Kitten."
This fleece butterfly cover is great for over any kind of fitted, pre-fold, flat-fold, or contour. Can also be made with other kinds of fabrics.

Setting up

I am new Blogger. I figure it might help my career explode! I love to make cloth diapers, and I love helping people with their cloth diapering needs. I have two kids in cloth diapers, one is a part timer and one is fullly cloth diapered. My son is 3 and only uses at night now, and my daughter is 4mons and she is the fully cloth diaperer. Pockets, fitteds, pre-folds, AIOs, Ai2s and more... I use them all.

This is my baby girl, in a shirt/dress that I made her as well as a one size fits all pocket diaper I have made. Zebra and pink go together so well!!! LOL.

Today with orders...

Today I have started with my three custom order cloth diapers. One is for a set of covers and the others are a mix of different kinds as well as a set of trainers.

The cover set is going over very well!!! I am so glad they are turning out perfectly. Hope I don't mess it up by saying this, lol.