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Sunday, October 18, 2009

New cloth diaper idea brewing . . .

Ok so I have an idea brewing in my mind, since by daughter is getting these really bad rashes on her bottom.   They have been coming and going for a few months now, and I am unsure why.  I have tried using regular store boughten cloth diapers because  ithought maybe it was the fabric.  But she had never gotten them before.  But she was also used to regular baby food?  So I am thinking maybe now that she is eatting people food that here little body is not used to it and with the cloth she might be getting bad reactions.  So I am coming up with a new idea that will be reuable and trowawayable (thats not a real word I know!). 

I think I will make it a OS ? But am not sure yet.  I want to be able to use both cloth in the middle or the g diapers cloths.  That way it is not so guilty and you are still saving the earth at the same time.

I want to be able to use the outer like a cover, and then have snap in covers/water-proof material, so it is still somewhat breathable for the baby.  And then have the insert on the inside and either wash it and trow it in the washer or trow it in the compost/garbage.

I will definitly keep everyone posted and make sure to keep everyone posted!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Got'em - - My Jewels are in !!!

Donut jems are in . . . Ok so I just got my jewels in yesterday and they look awesome, THANXS NANERS !!!  I will be making beautiful Teethier Necklaces with them.  I have many different size donuts and some jems as well.  I have so many ideas in my head that I cannot get them all out at once . . .

Look for them in my ety shop.Teethier Necklaces made from donuts, HA !!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Switching to cloth was the best thing for me!

Ok so I know not everyone is going to be most wanting to read about this post, but those of you who are interested . . . I wanted to tell everyone that my last period (yes period) lasted 4 days long!!!  2 heavy days and 2 light days, and this past period (October) 3 days !!! 1 heavy, 1 regular, and 1 light!  Right now I am loving Cloth pads.  Ever since I have been using cloth my periods have been getting lighter and lighter and shorter and shorter and I have been using them since I had my last baby :(  And actually ever since I have had her they have been every 6 weeks.  Thank you. 

  So to anyone who is interested, I would MOST definitly say SWITCH to Cloth Pads!  They are a dream.  Even if you are using a diva cup use them as a back up!  You will save money and save yourself, from toxins and infections!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

New item to the line coming soon . . .

So I was talking with my naners the other day about some donut jewerly she found for me.  She is sending off some Donut beads, that I will be making into Teething rings.  My daghter is always pulling at my hair so now she will have something to play with and maybe my head aches will go away slightly, :)  I will be posting these on my etsy store when I have completed them.  If they are a good seller I might do some more ? ? ? We will see what they look like, there are so many different styles to choose from, my naners is making me wait to see what they look like. . . .


 Hurry up mail man/women I need my DONUTS !!!! hehehe

Saturday, October 3, 2009

OS Cloth Diapers

Ok so I have come up with the perfect OS one size cloth diaper. This one fits baby who at the time was 10 pounds, my toddler who was 22 pounds, and my son who was 38 pounds. Tested and tried for a few days with the new pattern.

Last setting was for my daughter all the way back to the fith setting on the side snap & both inner snaps snapped together, and for my oldest daughter on the second last setting with one inner snap undone and for my son (super skinny) I had it on the fourth last setting with both snaps undone. And still more room for a few extra pounds!
This diaper can be made as a:
~ AI2
~ Pocket
~ Fitted
And can be as custom as you want!!!