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Sunday, October 18, 2009

New cloth diaper idea brewing . . .

Ok so I have an idea brewing in my mind, since by daughter is getting these really bad rashes on her bottom.   They have been coming and going for a few months now, and I am unsure why.  I have tried using regular store boughten cloth diapers because  ithought maybe it was the fabric.  But she had never gotten them before.  But she was also used to regular baby food?  So I am thinking maybe now that she is eatting people food that here little body is not used to it and with the cloth she might be getting bad reactions.  So I am coming up with a new idea that will be reuable and trowawayable (thats not a real word I know!). 

I think I will make it a OS ? But am not sure yet.  I want to be able to use both cloth in the middle or the g diapers cloths.  That way it is not so guilty and you are still saving the earth at the same time.

I want to be able to use the outer like a cover, and then have snap in covers/water-proof material, so it is still somewhat breathable for the baby.  And then have the insert on the inside and either wash it and trow it in the washer or trow it in the compost/garbage.

I will definitly keep everyone posted and make sure to keep everyone posted!

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