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Monday, November 30, 2009

Need to fix, sorry for the mess !

Ok so my website is a little bit out of context. And my computer is going on the frits. I will try to keep up with emails daily, but as for the time I am unsure, because of the computer messing up all the time now. WHO knows :) I will try to fix things asap! Sorry for all the mess right now.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Professional Pic's

Check out these cutie patie pics of a customer of mine. 
Her mommy made the bow and T.
And her friend made the tutu.
Cute aren't they !

Me and the Girls today

Ok so today is me and the girls day.  Daddy and Cyrus are out to Bubba's House to work.  One the agenda today?  Lunch almost done, shower, sleepy time and then while the girls are sleeping I will sew sew sew, all I can. 

On my list of accomplishments today for sewing:

- cut out prints for diapers and mama pads
- make a whole bunch of "pick your style diapers"
- make up some wipes
- make up some breast pads

Hmmm, think I can get that all done in 3 hours?  We will see.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

FREE shipping and gift

Black Friday Event !!!!
*Only purchases made on Friday Nov. 27 / 09 Will be refunded*

FREE Shipping to All of America and Canada.

Must spend at least $10.00 or more in my online etsy store, and you will recieve FREE shipping.

FREE gift to all other those who purchase a cloth diaper, cloth breast pad or cloth menstrual pad.

All shiping prices will be refunded back if you, if your items come out to no less than $10.00.

! ! ! !  H A P P Y  S H O P PI N G   ! ! ! !

Monday, November 23, 2009

New product added to my list !

Here is the set that I had made for my customer, as well as a wet & dry bag.  A two in one design that I am also going to start making as well.  That way you don't have to carry two bags all the time.  One side is wet and the other dry, so convient!

Ok I have this special customer of mine who always gets me to make her a natural pads.  She is very sensitive, and anything too wet down there gets her a rash and even infections very easily.  So we came up with an idea to do all natural pads, with no water-proof barrier.  That means I did them with all natural organic fabric.  7 layers of thick absorbent organic terry cotton.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Give Away / FREE Gift

Ok so here it is. . . . . My give away / Free Gift Adventure.  Come one come all !  Grab it while its here, just in time for Christmas.

Buy a Cloth diaper and recieve a wipe and a special gift FREE!

Order a Cloth diaper set and recieve one cloth diaper free!(orders over 5 only) Please convo for special offer.

FREE cloth everything wipe with every menstrual / Breast cloth pad purchase!

Order a custom set of mama Breast Pads or Mama Menstrual pads and recieve one FREE !!! (orders over 5 only) Please convo for special offer.

Check out my etsy store for all items instock :

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Please help - Need help advertising ?

Ok so I joined "The Mom Pack" about a year ago and have been posting quite recently, and a couple of days ago I posted this "Please help - Need help advertising".  Beucase I haven't been getting very many items boughten off of my etsy store. . . So I was calling out for help.

Here were some of the responces I gotten:

- Try trading items on diaperswappers, this way you can get your name out there and then people will know more about you.

- Explain more about the product you use . . . V lite, I have never heard about it.

- Most people like just the PUL on the outside, because it creates less leaks, but I don't know your diapers and how well they work.  This is just what I have been hearing from some people.

So with all these comments I have decided to reveant my site, once again, and also write up a whole bog post and page for my website about v lite.  Instead of just memtioning it in both!

So in conclusion, I will be posting later a BIG article on this product. . . V Lite.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Blog me - A Very wonderful yougne mom and her cutie patie daughter!

One day I was asked if I had wanted to do a trade, from a lovely yougne mom on etsy.  She had wanted to do a trade for a free cloth diaper for free advertising on her blog.  I couldn't pass it up.  Why not, that way it is good for me as well as her.  Leahs Little Life is her blog and she has been doing this for awhile now, and promoting peoples sites and writing up blog posts about their items.  Here is the link (Leahs cool dude diaper)to my blog post from her, and here are a few pictures. . .

Isn't this diaper adorable ? Of course bc I made it . . . hehe I am not modest, no not me.

FREE Gift with purchase

Ok here you all go!

A FREE gift with the purchase of each cloth diaper!

And for all you mama cloth pad users . . . A FREE everything wipe with every cloth mama pad purchase!

You can only get this deal if you buy from my etsy shop!  So come on in and see what I have, deal is also good for custom orders, but you must purchase from the etsy shop.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

new store I joined - - dotCA

Hey all I just wanted to update you on this new Canadian site I joined . .. DotCA.  Here is where you can find some of products and you can make them custom !

Cloth diapers, Cloth Mama Breast Pads, Cloth Mama Menstrual Pads, and Teether Necklaces !!!

Here is the link check'em out, and feel free to buy !

Bye for now all.