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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Please help - Need help advertising ?

Ok so I joined "The Mom Pack" about a year ago and have been posting quite recently, and a couple of days ago I posted this "Please help - Need help advertising".  Beucase I haven't been getting very many items boughten off of my etsy store. . . So I was calling out for help.

Here were some of the responces I gotten:

- Try trading items on diaperswappers, this way you can get your name out there and then people will know more about you.

- Explain more about the product you use . . . V lite, I have never heard about it.

- Most people like just the PUL on the outside, because it creates less leaks, but I don't know your diapers and how well they work.  This is just what I have been hearing from some people.

So with all these comments I have decided to reveant my site, once again, and also write up a whole bog post and page for my website about v lite.  Instead of just memtioning it in both!

So in conclusion, I will be posting later a BIG article on this product. . . V Lite.

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Sheila said...

That is so cute. You blog is great. Let me know if i can help
you in any way. You can contact me
on my blog! Have a nice night