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Sunday, February 21, 2010

My New ssecret weapon!

So I recently looked into new drinks for me to start drinking, NOT that kind of drinking. I know I have three kids but come on! LOL I recently found out that 'green tea' has only 2 calories per 8oz !!! WOW what a drink. This fill definitly help me into a new pair of jeans by the summer.

~Oh I also forgot to mention that I am joining a kick boxing clas starting Thrusday!!! Can't wait.

So yes finally the whole world can know, here is my weight, not afraid to tell and not afraid to let everyone know.

Here it is .... 189pds at 23 and 5'2" .

What I want to be ADVENTUALLY 117pds by 25? I think that sounds like a good time period. I am almost 24 right now only a few months to go. So I have 14 months to go, and here we go.

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