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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Questions and Answers

Q: What is an applique?
A: An appliquation is a fabric design that is first cut, then ironed on to a piece of fabric, and then sewn to make sure there is no freeing. It can be any design that you are interested in, and also be made in different sizes. Such items can be made as in shapes, pictures, letters, numbers, etc.
Q: What is PUL? What is V-lite?
A: PUL is a short form for polurethane laminated fabric. It is on the under side of a piece of fabric that makes it water proof. Another fabric that I use that is similar to PUL is v-lite. V-lite is a fabric made specially to make diapers, diaper covers, and crib mattresses. It is a thicker fabric then PUL and is made to endour high heat temperatures like the dryer. Whereas PUL is not suitable for the dryer.
Q: How many cloth diapers do I need?
A: To choose the amount of diapers you need, it all depends on how old your child is, and how mnay times you would like to do laundry. But for a few facts on diapering different age groups. Here is a little hint. On a daily basis an average New born will go threw as many as 10 diapers per day. Not including night time use. So if you would do laundry every three days, a good amount of diapers would include around 25 - 30 diapers. If you have an infant (3-9months) or a toddler (10 - 15 months), a good amount of diapers is 15 - 25. The less you have the more you have to do laundry. And for a pre-schooler (18 months- 3years) a good amount for those who are learning to potty train are 10 - 20 diapers.
Q: What is the difference between enclosures?
A: I have three different kinds of enclosures for my diapers. There is snaps and aplix.

Snaps - Easy to use and are great, most children cannot get them off, and come in various colours to match your diapers. These diapers will not stick together in the was as aplix diapers would. So no freying and no diaper train.

Aplix - Easy easy to use, getting on and off your child. Come in various colours, but not always to accessable to get them in them. But the down fall to these diapers is even though you have laundry tabs on them, they will still stick together in the wash. And this makes for one big diaper train of mess. And also when children get older they tend to take them off easier too.
Q: What is wicking?
A: This is a term used when the fabric of the inside of the diaper pulls the wetness away from the babies skin.

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