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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Enter this FREE giveaway from a local

Ok so I am blogging to enter a FREE local giveaway, and let all of you know about this wonderful creative artist!

She does all her own carving of stamps and sells them on her etsy shop, The Mayberry Sparrow.  She all her stamps handmade and she thinks buying handmade is important because it is the purpose of buynig an item that someone else doesn't have.  She also believes in handmade items for the same reason we all make hand made items;  someone has put all their time of hard work into every item.  She doesn't believe in buying items that were possibly made in sweat shops.  Which is great because too!

   I say she is a local because she pretty much is a local to me, I only live an hour away from her Hamilton home, here in Ontario.  She gets lots of her business from word of mouth from the locals.  And relisting items as soon as the sell on her etsy shop, The Mayberry Sparrow.

If would like to know more about this FREE giveaway, feel free to look into it more by visiting: Akane Designs.

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