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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sitting here thinking

Ok so I am sitting here thinking with my littlest one blabbing away and wondering what I should do next.  I think I have come into my point in life where I need to change.  I want still create many beautiful projects for others to enjoy, but I would love to do something a little different with they way I am doing it.

  My dad was talking with his g/f FRIEND the other day and she had come up with the idea that I should make my diapers but also have a diaper cleaning servious.  I was thinking that that was more then just a little change but also an idea to add on to later on in a few  . . .  But sticking with the idea of change I was thinking more of the lines of adding in 'themes' to my items.  So there will still be my diapers, mama products and a little bit of everything else, but have a theme to each item.  Rocker, MOD, punk, skulls, girly, boyish, sports, kinda idea? 

Think this is good?  Well maybe this will be my new change for the New Year.  I will stumble an idea around with my fam. and see what else everyone is seeing.  Maybe I will even get something to progress my career in the form of a Christmas gift?  Who knows, we will see.  Talk to you all soon.

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